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In the spirit of the great revelator and whistleblower of evil and lies, Francis E. Dec., and of Time Cube creator and heresiarch Gene Ray, comes another historic addition to the annals of cult-culture and internet kookdom, the pseudonymous and prolific internet (ab)user Forbidden Truth, who, on the backs of his heroes, Charles Manson and Hannibal Lecter–from whom he quotes copiously on his Twitter account–seeks eagerly to alert mankind to its indomitable entrapment in evil, artifice and lie, with the aid of his extensive, apodictic, inerrant, truth-yielding essays on the true, fallen, yet potentially redeemable state of mankind and who, from his darkened basement hovel located somewhere in the white southern states of America, hopefully awaits the extraterrestrial descension and its god-myth-like altruistic investment of man with technological immortality. Read now, “for your only hope for a future!”