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Sam Harris is a fool. He writes a book about how science can make ethics objective and then writes another book on ethics about why lying is good or bad depending on every possible thing but science.

Here he takes on the ethics of eating animals. He says, It’s indefensible, but I do it anyway; maybe, if someone else does something first, I’ll get around to changing and follow them. Somewhere far away, someone saw this and said, You know, murder and child-rape are indefensible, but I’m going to do them anyway. And Sam Harris thought that the person’s reasonings were pretty good and let him do whatever the hell he thought was right because, Well, fuck it, just do it anyway, and thought that at the same time he’d like to sacrifice his own reputation to the god of intellectual turgidity, being somewhat of an ethical stylite atop his pillar with his nose in the air huffing rarefied atmospheric gases, all of them elevating; and, feeling some hesitation, he rallied against whatever moral inclinations civility may have given him, threw them away like an unnecessary contraceptive, pulled out his blackjack, puffed up his protein-sufficient chest just a haughty little bit, and said, #YOLO. You go, Sam Harris. You Obliviate Legitimate Objections with your fuck-it-let’s-do-it-anyway schizophrenic approach to moral behaviour. Less weed and more creed for you, you stoned, red-eye troglodyte.

Sam Harris is a fool. And I freely admit it!