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“Anthropomorphobia is the term for the anxiety evoked when inanimate forms begin to display human qualities.” I suppose that those who believe humans to be nothing more than impotent puppets pulled by the strings of determined, immutable scientific laws would be horrified to witness themselves becoming aware, as though possessed, of a creeping understanding that humans do act with control over their desires and perform their numberless evils and horrors with a gleefully conscious intent; or imagine the face of one whom once believed this when they discover that they have no control whatsoever over the actions they to perform, but are pulled into the performance of them like an inert body in a raging, insuperable torrent. Others suggest that perhaps what pulls them is not a series of causes and events that is as inanimate and insentient as they are, but that they are the plaything of the malignant hand of a great and unfathomably powerful being, who cares so little for their welfare that he removes from them all power of control over their own fate and crowns himself the ruler of their souls to do whatever to its inscrutable will is deemed most pleasurable. It is not known in which of these three potentials is housed the greater horror.